New Semi Automatic Aluminum/Metal Tube Fill and Seal Machine, Model Super-20

Category: Fillers  —  Tube

New Semi Automatic Aluminum Tube Fill and Seal Machine, Model Super-20. Features: Stainless Steel construction and components, high response frequency encoder to assure smooth function, variable speed drive system, and (1) Set of Change Parts (as per customers specifications). Tubes are loaded manually by operator. Filling: 316 Stainless Steel contact parts, piston filler with no drip nozzle; fill volume adjust equipped with dial indicator; no tube/no fill sensor. Product Hopper: 40 Litre capacity. Tube Seal System: date/lot coder system, folding system. Automatic tube ejection system. Specifications: Fill Volume: 5 - 120 ml. Tube Diameter: 10 - 40 mm. Tube Length: Maximum 200mm. Power: 3 phase, 220 Volts. Air Consumption: 6 cfm - 80 PSI. Speed: up to 1,800 tubes per hour. Delivery Time: 6-8 weeks from receipt of a 50% deposit.


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