New Se Jong Model SF-100 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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NEW AUTOMATIC CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE, MODEL SF-100. Fully automatic high speed capsule filling machine for high productivity with advanced technology, easy maintenance/cleaning, and quick changeover for powder, pellet and bead filling. Machine meets GMP regulation. Automatic intermittent motion pharmaceutical hard gelatin capsule filling and closing machine with the following specifications. • Capacity: Max. 100,000 capsules per hour for powder Max. 92,000 capsules per hour for pellets • Capsule size: #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 (option #000, #00, #5) • Total power consumption: 6.25 kW • Required compressed air: 90 psi @ 28 cfm • Construction: Stainless steel contact parts • Electrics: 220V/3Ph/60Hz • DRIVE SYSTEM: main motor with variable speed variator, brake system, torque limiter and two (2) piece cam assembly. • CAPSULE FEEDING SYSTEM: stainless steel capsule hopper and capsule level sensor and two (2) capsule magazines with seven (7) lanes. • POWDER FEEDING AND TAMPING STATION: stainless steel powder hopper with auger and stainless steel powder chamber with level sensor. Eighty-four (84) tamping pins and stainless dosing disc. • MAIN TURRET: top cam cover, capsule separation device, each upper and lower segment with fourteen (14) holes respectively. Faulty capsule ejection device, capsule closing device, discharge chute and cleaning station. • Built-in vacuum pump: compressed air pump. • Vacuum assist for separation of capsules. • Control system: PLC with touch screen. • Fill weight can be achieved by adjusting the penetration of the tamping pin. • Powder sensor maintains constant level of powder in the dosing chamber. • Machine stops in case there is no powder in dosing chamber. • Easy size changeover time for changing the dosing disc, tamping pins, capsule feeding and orientation, and capsule segments. • Alarm for low level of capsules in hopper. • Unseparated capsules will be ejected automatically. • Inverter control. • Includes: 1. set of normal change parts, including dosing disc


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