New Customizable Tablet-Capsule Packaging Line - High Speed


New Customizable Tablet-Capsule Packaging Line - High Speed: Customizable Tablet-Capsule Filling Line based on choice of the following equipment: ● New Model US-100A Auto Unscrambler or 100A Infeed Turntable ● New Model CC-100A Auto 12 Lane Capsule-Tablet Counter ● New Model DI-100A Auto Desiccant Inserter or CT-100A Cotton Inserter ● New Model CP-200A Auto Inline Capper or CP-100A Auto Chuck Capper ● New Model LB-200A Auto Two Side Labeler or LB-100A Auto Single Side Labeler ● New IS-100A Auto Induction Sealer ● New TT-300A Accumulating Turntable Any Item can be substituted or Modified based on you specific requirements. Delivery Timeframe: 6-8 Weeks.(may require samples)


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