Used Kaps All Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Model AU5

Category: Packaging Equipment  —  Unscramblers

Used Kaps All Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Model AU5. Features: Low profile design, adjustable positioning orientation bowl and elevator to accommodate large bottles. Fast changeovers--from one size to another. Can handle most container shapes including: round, square, rectangular, oval, tapered, F-style, etc. with few to no change parts. Hopper can be filled from 3 sides. No drop chutes, cages, pockets, rollers, belt splicing/cutting, cleats, funnels, clamps, vacuum conveyors or expensive tooling needed for changeovers. Can orient 1/16 oz. to 1 gallon containers on same machine (handles plastic, metal, corrugated containers). Electronic variable speed controls for all orienting functions. Few moving parts minimizes maintenance and maximizes machine efficiency. Speeds approx 300 BPM. Hand wheels and calibrated settings allow for ease and repeatability of changeovers.


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