NEW SFIMS - sense force instrumentation monitoring system(works with Mini Presses)

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NEW SFIMS - sense force instrumentation monitoring system(to be purchased with with Mini Press) The SFIMS state-of-the-art tool that facilitates: The sense force instrumentation monitoring system is engineered to integrate hardware and software into a complete data acquisition and analysis system. Research: • process development, scale up, production of tablets, Validation protocols and documentation It is windows based and provides continuous batch recordings and process optimization for all instrumented equipment. The system is modular and is contained in a mobile enclosure that can be moved between different types of instrumented equipment Sense Force Salient Features: Instrumentation and monitoring on a daily basis helps press troubleshooting such as improper press setting, punch and die wear or damage, punch length variation. The system can be used for continuous batch record of clinical and production runs with full statistical process control. Some of its usage/benefits are: • To develop a new formulation • Accept or reject raw material for mechanical property analysis • Enables scale up process • Enables scale up post approval • CFC-Compaction Force Control – to check every tablet by monitoring upper and lower limit of compaction force making IPQC more stringent • The presence of load cell with regards to safety and calibration makes it full proof. • Load cell safety provision: whenever an excess load is applied on the machine, it automatically stops the machine thereby preventing any damage to the load cell. • Load cell calibration facility: Enables accurate data logging. Its Tablet Press Module (TPM) can monitor upper compression, upper pre-compression and ejection forces. TPM provides real time force meters which help in pre punch statistics, streamline compatibility profiles, dissolution and disintegration cross-correlations, raw materials evaluation, quality control and press trouble shooting. TPM reports provide punch forces and dwell times. Comprehensive analysis of: Pre-compression, Main compression, Ejection force, punch wise statistics, Dwell time


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