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Various Lab Equipment - Call for pricing or best offer for each item or all together 6890 GC S/N US00000843 (No Autosampler Tower) In good condition – just needs an autosampler. Comes with controller and various other small parts VanKel Dis. App S/N 1-2710-0392 and S/N 1-2659-1291 Qty 6. Vessel app. With water container and circulating heater There are two of these units, one labelled paddle, the other basket. They can be switched either way. One of the circulating heaters works, the other requires repair. Comes will all paddles/baskets/shafts (some are coated) Comes with circulating baths (plexiglass) Foss NIR Tablet Analyzer; Model 6500 S/N 6933 Tablet Analyzer – no software FOSS Autosampler Analyzer Autosampler – No Software There are two of these. one was working prior to retirement in system. (not sure about other) Unicam UV3 S/N 052101 Internal filter requires re-certification. Working good other than that. BAS EC Detector Various s/n’s Requires minimal PM for startup. Working when retired in system There are two complete sets of these (plus manuals). One was working when retired in our system one was sent for repairs, and was returned repaired, but never used Varian Star 350 RI Dectector S/N 302424A0242 Working when retired in system Complete Varian HPLC Workstation Various s/n’s make up this system Comes complete with Pump, Detector, Autosampler (with on-board column heater) In working condition prior to retirement, Comes with MIB 800 box to convert A to D(No Software)

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