Used CPT Softgel Capsule Filling System

Category: Capsule Fillers  —  Soft Gel

Used CPT 2" Softgel Capsule Filling System for R&D. MFG 2011 * Compact, mobile unit for the production of soft gel capsules with a chiller designed to operate at 1.8rpm and a dual basket tumble drying unit. Very little usage. ➢ Two heated bronze spreader boxes with auto gel feel and level control ➢ Chill ➢ 6.3 ➢ Includes 4 plunger medicine injection pump 2% fill accuracy ➢ 2 ➢ Teflon coated brass injection wedge ➢ Auto lubrication of feed ➢ Capsule discharge conveyor carries dryer baskets. ➢ Ope ed rollers to cool litre product hopper the gelatin band; with chiller, with horizontal pump with 9.6mm plungers for up to 600mg fills and +/- x 6” die rollers, made from aircraft aluminum for forming the capsules roller filled soft gel capsules directly into portable dual tumble rates at 1.8rpm. (➢ Six oblong on machine - plus other sets)


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