Buzz Equipment - Process and Packaging Specials

Buzz Equipment - Process and Packaging Specials:

Item #160451 Used WeighPack High Speed Double Container Filler
with Two PrimoCombi 14 Head 0.5L Multi-Scale Weigher Systems
with Two Vibratory Product feeders into Hoppers,
the Two Pre-CheQ will then re-weigh the product to ensure optimal accuracy.
If the weight is within the desired range the product will be dispensed into the package.
If the weight exceeds the desired range, it will be dispensed into an accumulation bin for re-usage.
Also includes Support Stands, Platform/Mezzanine, and Indexing Container Fill Stations Conveyor.
Filler Range: approx. 1 - 500 grams.
Electrics: 1 Phase / 60 Hertz / 230 Volts, Air Required.
Manufactured 2020, only used for R&D filling Gummies and/or Leafy Products.
In Excellent Operational Condition.

Item #211206 Unused Unified Flex 4 Lane Liquid Sachet Form Fill Sealer Model MSP508
Manufactured in Canada in 2021 and only used for test run. Pouch Fill Range: 10-150ML.
Electrics: 3 Phase / 60 Hertz / 220Volts, 5KA, 22Amps, (30A Protection) Air Required. (ESA Certified)

#180164 Used Model-1 Wraparound Labeler

#160278 Used 500ML Pneumatic Piston Filler

#240620 Used 40 Gallon Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Model EL with Mixer

Used Aesus 6 Head Liquid Filling Line:

Range: 200ML to 1 Gallon. MFG in Canada

Includes: Bottle In-Feed TurnTable, Capper,

12’ Long Conveyor, InkJet Coder, Wraparound Bottle Labeler, Accumulation TurnTable & more....

#211205 Used Arty Pac Model 75H Stainless Steel Commercial Flow Wrapper

#200659 Used 2 Cubic Foot Capacity Twin Shell V Mixer w/ Intensifier Bar

#210804 New AL-Plastic Blister Packaging Machine Model DPP-88

Includes Water Chiller & Photo Electric Eye Sensor, variable speed Controls.