Contract Process and Packaging

Contract Production and Packaging Expansion:

Company Summary:

     As a well established provider of high quality, reasonably priced New, Used and Reconditioned Process and Packaging Equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Vitamin, Cosmetics, Food and Confectionery Industries throughout the Americas and overseas. (We sell individual pieces of equipment as well as Complete Packaging and Processing lines, customized to your specifications.)  In its normal course of business, aquires and maintains an inventory of a wide variety of new and pre-owned equipment, and through proactive marketing initiatives, seeks buyers for such machinery.  Headquarted in a modern industrial facility in the heart of Markham, Ontario.  Our 29,000 square foot facility houses its offices and warehouse space for all of its activities.

We make maximum use of the internet and online research and marketing strategies to locate the best value equipment sources and purchase opportunities.  This allows to make connections in the industry and to promote the sales of its products.  It owns and maintains an extensive client database and provides an online catalogue of its product lines and inventory.  Complete with Make, Model, specifications, and photographs.  It uses online communication tools to continuously make its extensive customer base aware of its offerings, new products, and special opportunities.

Our years of experience in the Used Equipment Industry has helped us offer our customers the right equipment at the right price. Most equipment we offer is mechanically and electronically tested by our technicians. We then offer to have the machinery set up with our customers’ product prior to shipment. We also include Right of Return privileges and Limited Warranties on most of our equipment.

We are now going to be offering Contract Process and Packaging to all our customers.  We have the technical expertise to operate and run complete tablet and capsule manufacturing and packaging lines.  All the work will be done in our newly expanded facility.

We can offer a complete turn key operation to our customers from formulations for certain products and then packaging those products to suit the specific requirements of the end company.  At a very competitive price and in a short delivery timeframe.

Production Expansion Summary:

The market for contract packaging has never been better.  It is growing quickly in the Neutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industries across North America.  Our location sits in the centre of the “boom”.  We have the vision and commitment to build a state-of-the-art line for unit-of-use bottle and blister packaging so that we can offer a good value proposition for out potential customers.  We have the knowledge and support to customize the packaging line to specific customer requirements in an ongoing basis.

The prospects are medium to large retail herbal and drug operations, wholesalers and generic drug companies themselves.  The big retailers are dispensing millions of pills per day of the “maintenance” drugs baby-boomer consumers currently use and will continue to as well as new ones to the market.  These chronic condition prescriptions include high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, depression, etc…  They require Research and Development runs as well as upscaling for full production.  As well they need to maximize costs throughout the Testing Phases.

Quality, flexibility and responsiveness are the attributes a successful contract packager must have.  Those attributes are what we can provide ongoing to plan, setup, and run the packaging line(s).  It would include quick-change flexibility and speed to accommodate up to 200 bottles per minute.  The aim is to possess equipment, facilities and quality systems that are as good as, or better than  customers maintain in their own plants.  We would provide any level of production to work inline with there current production output, growth, or just testing and support levels.

We would provide routine packaging, complete brand production, overload, new product launches, large export orders, complex products too difficult or requiring special processes…

We will offer contract packaging services of the highest standards.  Whether the customer produces their own range of products or imports bulk product from overseas.

Products to be supported:

- Pure extracts

- Capsules – all sizes hard and softgel

- Tablets – round, oblong and all other shapes

Commonly packaged container types/styles range from:

- plastic bottles

- tabloid bottles

- glass bottles

- jars

Product security is becoming a major issue in retail.  We will offer tamper evident sealing and packaging processes including:

- induction sealing

- fuji sealing

- tamper-tell packaging

- over-wrapping

- ….and more(keeping up with new standards)

Production line rates of more than 15,000 units per day will available to customers.

Batch range from 2000 units - hundreds of thousands(depending on line, shifts run & days required)