Unused Allpax R&D Retort System Model 2402-R3

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Unused Allpax R&D Retort System Model 2402-R3. Unit was originally manufactured in 2017. This is a 24” diameter retort that offers a wide range of processing modes including saturated steam, water spray, water shower/cascade water immersion-full and partial and hydrostatic retort simulation. Also offers a wide range of agitation modes including static, (no agitation), end over end rotary, gentle motion, (low speed) shaking, the Shaka Process, high speed shaking and axial, (sterilmatic simulation) rotary. Comes with a space saving, automated quick-opening orbiting door, constructed of 304 stainless steel and jacketed. 304 stainless steel jacketed pressure vessel, up to 90psi. 304 stainless steel insulated storage vessel for pre-heated water. Set up with standard direct steam injection heating and heat exchange cooling. Equipped with NEMA 4 control panel, pressure transmitters, level indicators, limit switches, chart recorder, reference temperature device. Comes with PAXWARE software and ALLVIEW operator interface; PLC based, Allen Bradley hardware, Secure SQL server database, Recipe driven, VPN remote support. Complete with up to 50 configurable recipe segments per process, comprehensive reporting for batch logs, deviations, alarms, recipes, robust electronic data fingerprinting, and more. Includes guarding cage, DELL computer and monitor.
• Specification PDF available with Service, Connections and requirements for Steam, Water, Air, Pressure, and Electrical info.
• A field service test was completed September 2019.(but, never put into production)
In Excellent Operational Condition. Delivery Time: Immediate.



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