Used Automatic Pre-made Stand-Up Bag Pouch Filler Bagger with 10 Head Rotary Weigh Scale and Elevator Feeder, Upgraded Siemens PLC Controls and HP barcode/batch large area printer and Take-Away-Conveyor. Can do a bag Width between 4" and 11.91", A bag Length between 4" and 13.5". The Weigh Bucket on the scale is 7.5" wide by 11.5" high and the Weigh Tray is 8.75" wide by 12" long. Electrics: 3/60/220Volts, Air Required. (CSA/ESA Approved) speed range up to approx. 20 packages per/min.(depending on product) Delivery Time: approx. 1 Week. Test Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etCubiULJT0 In Excellent Operating Condition.