New Airtite Pneumatically Operated Hand-Held Cap Tightener. Unit is capable of tightening container caps in diameter from 15 mm to 100 mm. Available with a floor stand, bench stand or by itself for attachment to an existing support, it is efficient, simple to operate and trouble free. With the torque arm, an operator can achieve amazing speeds with a minimum of fatigue. With a simple air hook-up, all the capping requirements for a medium sized company can be met, with ease. Equally important, the cap tightener is the ideal standby in case of failure of your stationary capper. Comes in three models. The basic model comes with air motor, balancer, F.R.L. with gauge, 10' coiled tubing and fittings. Chucks and Liners Priced Separately. Delivery time: approximately 2-3 weeks.