New CVC 220B Top & Bottom Labeler with "B" Head. Labeler comes with a 6" wide PVC Endless Belt Conveyor, Stainless Steel Belt and base frame, 4 caster rollers and Variable Speed Control. Labeling Heads are Die Cast Aluminum Alloy frame, with U-Shaped Photocell Label Sensor and Variable Speed Stepper Motor that is adjustable to 133 feet per minute. Label Sizes Range from Width- 1/2 inch to 4 ¾ inches and 1/2 inch to 10 inches in Length. Labeling Head height and lateral adjustments are made by Hand Wheel. Labeler is ISO 9002 Certified. Labeler comes with the following Three Set-Up Functions.__1) Automatic Set Up_The SelfSet(TM) system measures labels and containers to automatically synchronize speed of all moving parts including: _-Label Speed_-Label Dispense Speed_-Label Extension beyond Peel Plate_-Label Placement on Package__2) Call Memory: Brings up job setting from Memory__3) Current Memory: Last job run before labeler was turned off___Additional Features:__1. The LCD display shows all automatic settings and related data._2. 50 job settings can be saved into memory._3. Product output and product quantity countdown displayed. Alarm will_sound when countdown falls below 500 and 200 labels. Labeler stops at_zero._4. Modular design allows easy component replacement._5. Labeling Accuracy: (+-) 0.02 inches_6. Stainless Steel frame and components are standard._7. High response frequency encoder is incorporated with microprocessor_control to assure wrinkle-free labeling