New 12 Lane Multi Channel Tablet-Capsule Counter Model 100A. All Stainless steel, equipped with a container indexing and bottle supply sensor to start/stop the machine. High Speed unit with Honeywell Intelligent Sensors and Eyes for an accuracy level of over 99%. Application Range: Sizes 0–5mm for capsules, caplets plus tablets greater than 5-22mm. Minimum bottle opening 25mm. Output capacity: up to 14000 pcs/min and 50 Bottles per min(Depending on size of tablet or capsule) Unit comes with conveyor and indexing. Airproof and dustproof, easy to disassemble for cleaning. Electrics: 3Ph/60Hz/220Volts. Comes with Programmable Control Panel, all Stainless Steel. Overall Dimension: 1980mm L x 1870mm W x 1740mm H. Weight: 700 lbs. Conforms to cGMP Standards. Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks from receipt of 65% deposit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE_tv4xQ81s&list=UUDuOcypqE5IKyLKiGdKgiEg