Can Fill from 1gram to 10 lbs. Fully Anodized Head Casting 22” Diameter Stainless Steel Hopper- 16 Gallon Capacity 22” Stainless Steel Hopper Cover w/ Duct Insert and Inspection Door Quick Release Clamps for Hopper and Cover Self Aligning Quick Disconnect and Hopper Coupling Stainless Steel Top and Side Covers Stainless Steel Frame w/Height Adjustment Aluminum Column Fill Drive to Include: Heavy Duty Electric Clutch Brake w/Stainless Steel Shaft 1 1/2 H.P.1800 rpm Drive Motor w/ Pulley Three Step Pulley For Variable Speed Totally Enclosed Stainless Steel Belt Guard w/Easy Access Housing w/Bearings to Guide Clutch Brake Shaft Counter Controller Slow Speed Agitator Switch For Continuous or w/Fill Up / Down Fine Adjustment Keys Hopper Empty and Jog Fill Switch Main Power Switch w/ Safety fuse Optical Encoder Digital Counter Footswitch Activated (can easily be integrated to automatic packaging machines) Agitation: 1/2 HP, 1800 RPM Agitation Motor w/ Gear Reducer Blade to Sweep Inside Wall of Hopper Sprocket to Sprocket Chain Drive w/Idler Stainless Steel Spindle w/Bushing & Seal(helps prevent product going up in head casting)