Unused Model DPP140 Blister Packaging Machine (*Manufactured in 2021)


Unused Model DPP-140 Blister Packaging Machine. (*Manufactured in 2021)
Electrics: 1 Phase / 60 Hertz / 220Volts, 5.2Kw / Main Electrode 1.5Kw (Air Required)
*With Upgraded Siemens PLC touch screen Controls and Model CW-5300 Water Chiller.*
Includes: Photo-Electric Eye Tracking Function for punch location (required if logo on Al foil)
Electrics: 1 Phase / 60 Hertz / 220Volts, Air Required, Servo motor pulling
Delivery Time: approx. 1 Week.
Video Link showing doing tablets: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbYdiZDXtrk
Longer Video Link showing to process to power: (start at the 1:20 minute mark) www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL2Tfwfs_Nk&t=80s
I. Features:
1. Adopting the latest domestic high-power transmission mechanism, the main transmission shaft is driven by chain arrangement, which eliminates the errors and noise of other gear transmission.
2. With import control system, electrical appliances can be equipped with missing material filling device and missing particle detection and elimination device (Omron sensor) according to customer requirements. Imported frequency converter is adopted.
3. The whole machine is composed of segments: PVC forming, feeding and hot sealing are one segment, while hot forming, hot sealing and blanking of tropical aluminium are one segment, which can be packed separately.
4. Adopt photoelectric control system, automatic feeding device for PVC, PTP, tropical aluminium packaging and automatic punching device for waste edge to ensure synchronous stability of ultra-long distance multi-station.
5. It can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, imported stepper motor traction, printing and packaging of pictures and texts to optimize packaging grade.
6. This machine is suitable for capsules, plain tablets, sugar coatings, capsules, injections, profiles, and sealed packaging of medical appliances, light food, electronic components blister.
II. Technical parameters
Number of blanking times: 15-40 times/min (hard aluminum 10-20 times/min)
Throughput: 4800 edition/hour
Max Forming Area & Depth: 140*110*13mm
Standard range of travel: 20-110 mm
Standard section: 80*57mm
air required pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa
Total power supply: 1 Phase / 60 Hertz / 220Volts, 5.2Kw / Main Electrode 1.5Kw.
PVC Hard Pieces: 0.15-0.5*140 mm
PTP Aluminum foil: 0.02-0.035*140 mm
Dialysis paper: 50-100g*140 mm
Mold cooling: Tap or circulating water Chiller
Outward Size: 2300*650*1615mm, 900Kg
Noise Indicators: <75dBA


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