New Model IDI-M100 All-digital intelligent Flow Through metal detector

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New Model IDI-M100 All-digital intelligent Flow Through metal detector
Product Usage: Can be used for tablet press, capsule filling machine, sieve machine and other pharmaceutical equipment, apply to tablets, capsules of metal foreign body detection.
■ high frequency operation mode, greatly enhance the detection sensitivity.
■ Precise and efficient removal of equipment to minimize material waste.
■ meet the pharmaceutical regulatory standards, in accordance with the GMP standard MFG
■ Touch screen display, easy to set up and operate.
■ Height angle of device can be easily adjusted, and the universal casters ensure easy movement.
Main material Made of all stainless steel
Detection sensitivity Air machine: Fe ≥ φ0.6mm No-fe≥φ0.8mm Sus304≥φ0.8mm
Effectively detect hole width 100mm
Effectively detect hole height 25mm
Operation interface touch screen
Alarm mode Sound and light alarm, copy automatically removed
Body material Subject SUS304
Record function 99 species
Self-learning function Quickly learn product features and complete automatic setup
Phase tracking function Maintain a stable high-precision detection capability
Product tracking function Automatic adjustment of the internal adjustment according to the change of the product effect
Optimize the hardware structure Using single-chip high-performance FPGA hardware program to provide hardware base
speed Free to fall
Protection class IP54
Overall Dimensions 870*650*1000mm, 100kg
Electrics: 1Ph/60Hz/220Volts Delivery Time: approx 8 weeks.
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