New High Speed Tea Bag Filler Model CCFD6 with tag into Envelope

Category: Fillers  —  Powder

New High Speed Tea Bag Filler Model CCFD6 with tag into Envelope 1. Dosage: 6cm³( E.g Pack CTC black tea max. 2 g per tea bag ) 2. Speed Capacity 110±5 bags per min (6600 tea bags / hour, 52,800 tea bags/ day 8 hours) 3. Tea bag dimensions: 50mm(L)*62.5mm(W) (Three side sealing by heating, the dimension couldn't adjust) Envelope paper dimensions: 65(L)*70mm(W) (Crimped seal by outer bag, will seal the left & right side) 4. Tag dimensions: 24*28mm(seal by Adhesive, max print two colors. But we have an option, Non glue tag device with extra charges, will printer colorful logos and the raw materials is harder than normal one) 5. String: 210mm(It is very important data to make sure when the clients using big volume cup, still can work for this cup. You cam image if the distance is short, will limit the end user to buy your tea) 6. Packing in wooden case dimensions: 1220*1140*1967mm(2.735 cbm) Net weight 640kg, Gross weight: 800kg, Delivery: approx 8 weeks from Receipt of 65% Deposit.(balance prior to shipment from factory)



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