Used Automatic Hot Air Plastic Tube Fill & Seal Machine

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Used WuXiJianuo Automatic Hot Air Plastic Tube Fill & Sealer Model SGF
Unit can do up to Max 3,000 tubes per hour. Can fill: 30-200ML, +-1%
Tube Diameter Range: 10-50mm. Tube Length: up to 210mm.
Filler includes a touch screen control system,
S/S construction and contact parts, and a high response frequency encoder.
Also includes: an automatic tube load hopper. Requires 80 PSI of air and 6 cfm to operate.
Filling: Piston filler with a no drip nozzle, adjustable fill volume, no tube/no fill sensor.
Product Hopper: 40 Litre capacity. Tube Seal System: Hot Air equipped tube heating system,
digital readout temperature control, crimp jaw equipped with cooling and a tube trimmer.
Unit can emboss a lot number in the seal. Operator safety door system with interlocks.
Electrics: 3 Phase / 60 Hertz / 220Volts, 1.1Kw, Variable Speed Drive.
Dimensions of unit: approx 76” high x 40” deep x 76” wide.
Last Used at a Cosmetics Company.
Delivery Time: Immediate.


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