Used Atco Pack Standup Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Filler with 10 head weighing System

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Used Atco Pack Standup Rotary Pre-Made Pouch Pick and Pack Filler with 10 head weighing system, hopper product feeder elevator, Touch Screen Controls, take-away-conveyor, mezzanine and more... Designed for pre-made bags and can open zippers, fill and seal the final package. Recently used 7 x 9 and 8 x 10 pouches for our production. (used to package dry food products such as dried fruits, nuts, pulses, and beans) The minimum and maximum bag sizes are indicated in the operation manual. *Note: machine is approx. 5-6 years old. However, in 2019 the customer upgraded most of the electronic components and was certified by QPS to Canadian Standard. The machine is in very good condition fully functional and complete. It does have a printer but was removed since not need it for production runs. (still have the printer and it is included. ) Electrics: 220Volts, Air Required. Delivery Time: approx. 1 week. Production Test Video Link:



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