Like New Ziel APEX 7kW for Microbial Radiation

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Like New Ziel APEX 7kW for Microbial Radiation
- Non-ionizing radiation (not irradiation/gamma)
- Up to 6 KG / 15 lb treated per hour; batch treatment time 30 mins
- Food grade Stainless Steel construction
- Manufactured in Italy Possible to add into Organic and GMP certification
- *Manufactured in 2019 but, supported by the OEM Manufacture*
*Support Package Includes:
- V7 Software upgrade since original purchase
- Replacement parts for triodes and temp probes
- Consulting to dial in process parameters
- and Limited Warranty and Support from the MFG
- In Excellent Operational Condition
- Delivery Time: approx. 2 weeks.


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