New Twin Shell Self-Contained "V" Blender

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New Twin Shell Self-Contained "V" Blender. This is a tabletop mixer designed to blend powders and granules. Unit can accommodate different size 316 Stainless Steel shells from 4 quarts up to 16 quarts. Each shell can be purchased separately. The blender speed is 25 RPM. If you purchase an intensifier bar, the speed is 3450 RPM. Maximum Charge Density: 4,8, & 16 Quart without bar models: 200 lbs/cu ft. 4,8, and 16 quarts pin bar models: 200 lbs/cu ft. 4 & 8 qt intensifier bar models: 140 lbs/cu ft., 16 quart intensifier bar model: 125 lbs/cu ft. Comes with start/stop controls and a timer. A safety guard system protects the operator from the rotating shell. Machine includes a 1/3 Hp 1/60/115 Volt motor, 15 Amps. Intensifier Drive Motor: 0.75 Hp, 1 Phase, TEFC. Dimensions: 41" Long x 19.5" Wide x 21.5" High. Intensifier and liquid bar can be added for an additional cost. Includes a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks from receipt of a 60% deposit.__4 Quart up to 16 Quart "V" Shells can be purchased at an additional cost.__Intensifierand Liquid-Solid Bars can also be supplied for an additional cost.__A 304 Stainless Steel Cart with adjustable height shelves and lockable castors is available for an additional cost.


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