New CVC Cremer Electronic Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine Model 1220

New CVC Cremer Electronic Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine Model 1220. Unit comes mounted on a Stainless Steel base. Features: Hand Held Controls, completely sealed vibrator drives which are mounted on an electric adjustable support frame and housing the electric and electronic controls of the counting machine. Comes with the following: Vibrator Hopper with outlet gate. Capacity: 25-30 liters. Electrical Height Adjustment which allows the running of containers of differing heights without change parts. Comes with 2 Vibrator Plates with 12 V-shaped Channels. The 12 channel counting unit has an individual detection system in each channel to count the products in free fall. Each detecting system has a special dust compensator to avoid incorrect counting. There is a Pneumatic Memory Flap System which is operated by 12 two-stroke cylinders. Adjustable Single Outlet Funnel for easy to position above different diameters of containers/bottles. During filling, the bottle nozzle dips over the neck to the container/bottle to avoid any spilling of products. Control System with pneumatic and electronic design for operation and control of machine settings and product infeed flow. Memory up to 50 different programs can be stored in memory. Menu controlled operator panel contains numeric and function keys plus a two-line alpha numeric display. If the section is blocked, the counting machine will interrupt the filling of containers/bottles and display a message on the operator panel. The system will start automatically when blockage is corrected. Reject System is in place for wrong count, automatically resets the count and will remove the incorrectly filled bottle out the track when a fault occurs. An allowance of 0 - 9 containers per minute can be keyed in the operator panel. Technical Data: Air Pressure: 6 Bar, 100 liters per minute per machine. 3.5 CFM at 80 PSI. Air Consumption 7 CFM, 87 PSI. Electrics: 220Volts, -15%+_10%, 50/60 Hz, 6 Amp (other voltage is available on request for an additional cost). Optional conveyor can be added. Delivery Time: approximately 8-10 weeks from receipt of 65% deposit.(balance due prior to shipment from factory)


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