Unused Redeepac Pouch Bagger Model 430HS

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Unused Redeepac Pouch Bagger Model 430HS.
(Manufactured in 2022 but, customer never used it)
*Includes: Multi-Scale System and two Hopper Product Feeders,
This is the High Speed Model and Capable of Up to 30 Pouches per minute. (depending on product)
Delivery Time: Immediate (In Stock)
Video Link: https://djsent-my.sharepoint.com/personal/sales_djsent_com/_layouts/15/stream.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2Fsales%5Fdjsent%5Fcom%2FDocuments%2FPremade%20Pouch%20Bagger%20System%20Model%20430%2Emp4&ga=1
Bag / Pouch: Pre-made Pouch/ Doypack Pouch/ Pre-opened / Zipper Pouch
• No Bag / No run sensor
• Bag Magazine: Holds up to 300 Bags. Can load while running.
• Frame of the machine made out of Stainless Steel laser cut and curved with stainless steel access panels.
• MITSUBISHI PLC control system
• Production counter partial and total.
• Possibility to change bag size without change parts.
Bag width from 5.00” / 125mm to 12.00” / 300mm wide
Bag length from 5.00” / 125mm to 17.00” / 430mm long
• Electrical and electronic panel placed on the side of the machine frame easy to inspect .
• Interface with operator Touch Screen, front panel placed on the right side of the machine
• OMRON temperature controls for sealing jaws
• Safety covers in clear policarbonate LEXAN with micro switches.
• Mounted on threaded leveling feet
• Speed up to: This is the high speed model 30 bags per minute (setup for 6.5” x 9” pouch)
• Dimensions: 66” L x 58” W x 44” H
• Power requirements: 3 Phase / 60 Hertz / 208Volts, 20Amps
• Air consumption: 30 cfm – 100 psi
Delivery Time: Immediate (one In Stock)


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