New Customizable Tablet-Capsule Packaging Line - High Speed


New Customizable Tablet-Capsule Packaging Line - High Speed
• US-100A Automatic unscrambler, 3Ph/60Hz/220Volts.(with extra bottle holders)
• CC-100A Automatic counter. (16 channels would meet the speed of 50-60 bottle/min.)
• DI-200A Automatic desiccant inserter with 2 filling heads (plug).
• CT-100A Automatic cottoner.(Qty 2. required for 50-60 bottle/min speeds)
• CP-100A Automatic chuck capper. (with extra bottle holders)
*Note: if your bottle caps are different sizes, you may need extra replace parts for capper.
• LB-200A Automatic two sides labeler.(works with round bottles)
• IS-200A Automatic Induction sealer.
• TT-300A 48” Diameter Accumulating turntable.
• All conveyors would be at the same height & bottles are able to move from one to another.
Any Item can be substituted or Modified based on your specific requirements.
• We will require sample bottles, caps, dessicants, labels etc… to ensure all equipment is fully operational for your specific products prior to shipment. Delivery Timeframe: 8-10 Weeks.
• A 65% deposit is required with order, with balance due in full after inspection or video, and prior to shipment from factory.
All shipping charges, taxes, duties, customs, insurance, crating and any miscellaneous expenses, are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
• Any additional integration, set up including 1Phase/60Hz/220Volts or 3 Phase(where specified) Electrical and Air Requirements, change parts, modifications & any other work required on the packaging line is available for an extra cost.


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