New Model SK-40A Metal Cap Crimping Machine

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New Model SK-40A ROPP Metal Capper Crimping Machine with one capping head
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 Weeks. (if shipping by Air) or approx 8 weeks for Ocean Freight.
● Adjustable to variety of caps/bottle sizes.
(*samples may be required or specs for setup/tooling to be customized)

Features: cap lock machine adopts stainless steel cutter head, which has the functions of sealing various metal covers and plastic caps, pressing threads and pressing crown caps. It is suitable for the locking of the caps of various plastic bottles, glass bottles, ceramic bottles and polyester bottles. It is the necessary production equipment for the bottle caps of various beverage, alcohol, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other manufacturers. The semi-automatic locking machine uses the rotation of the motor to drive the base to rise and tighten the top of the bottle cap, and the locking device is automatically completed with the locking device to achieve the ideal locking effect. The machine utilizes mechanical principle, is convenient to use, simple to install, has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable lock quality, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and simple maintenance. The machine has the functions of sealing and pressing threads.
power supply AC220Volts / Single Phase / 60 Hertz, 370Watts
Lifting method Continuous speed
Way of working Electric lock (sealing) cover object hand
Locking diameter Diameter 20-30mm
Suitable for cap height 10-35mm
Applicable bottle height 80-300mm
Production capacity Max 20 times / minute (depending on Cap & Operator)
Machine size 560*200*920mm, approx 60Kg
Delivery Time: approx 3-4 Weeks.
Short Test:
Also ask for details and pricing on the fully automated system with integrated Cap Feeder and conveyor:


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