New Model BJWZ250 Pillow packaging machine

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New Model BJWZ250 Pillow packaging machine: This machine is mainly used for packaging bread/bakery, chocolate, sweets, biscuit, vitelline pie, lollipop, moon cake, ice cream, card, wet wipes, spoon, toothbrush, soap, scourer ball, syringe, hardware, commodity and the products with regular shape and not sticky. Function and features: 1. Color touch screen display, PLC controls, automatic and fast photoelectric track. 2. The bag length does not be set, machine detects automatically. 3. Features: High performance, simple operation and fast packing speed. 4. Gear system is double frequency converter controller, for simpler operation and stable performance. *Third-generation pillow type packing machine. Technical parameter: Model:BJWZ-250 Packing speed: 35-220 bags/min Width of film: 90-250 mm Making bag size: (Double low cutter) L 65-190, W 30-110, H 5-50 (mm) (Double high cutter): L 90-220, W 30-110, H5-60 (mm) (Single high cutter): L 150-330, W 30-110, H 5-60 (mm) Total power: 2.4 KW, Voltage supply: 1Ph/60Hz/AC220Volts Machine size: L4000 × W850 × H1500mm Net weight: 400kg (Option to upgrade to Model 350 with Date Code Printer)


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