New Liquid Capsule Banding and Glue Sealer Model NSF-600

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New Liquid Capsule Banding and Glue Sealer Model NSF-600(Comes with one set of Change Parts)
Sealing of liquid into a capsule done by preheating and self-sealing.
Working Principle:
After materials of liquid capsule are baited from hopper, capsule caps and capsule bodies are neatly aligned on the conveyor in the same direction by positioning mechanism, connection place of capsule cap and capsule body is automatically coated with safety spill-proof glue (adopting secondary sizing treatment technology to ensure sizing treatment effect) by sizing treatment wheels, then they are naturally solidified in process of conveying mechanism’s reciprocating conveying and after product is rapidly dried, effect for sealing of liquid capsule cap and capsule body will be achieved.
1. Touch screen controls, multi-system integrated and its degree of automation is higher;
2. Conventional feeding and vacuum feeding are optional in accordance with applicable product;
3. automatic sensor for capsule supply which can ensures materials’ smooth supply;
4. Capsule’s baiting, orientation and in-place are accurate and speed can be controlled;
5. Sizing treatment is even and secondary sizing treatment technology locks sealing effect;
6. It adopts highly-sensitive temperature sensor, by which, temperature of glue box can be real-time controlled;
7. It adopts precision pneumatic control system which ensures glue box’s works smoothly up, down, forward and backward;
8. Glue box and machine body adopt separating and closing design, by which, it can be easily disassembled and cleaned;
Technical Parameters:
Range of Application Capsule Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3.
Power Supply: 220Volts/1Ph/60Hz
Weight: 1,000KG / Overall Dimensions: 2,000mm x 700mm x 650mm


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