New Form Fill Sealer for Solid Products into pouches Model 60PB

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New Form Fill Sealer for Solid Products into pouches Model 60PB(tablets/capsules etc..)
1. This machine can finish: forming bag--measuring--material filling—sealing—counting—date code printing, all the work automatically;
2. Photoelectric and tracing system or customized with your specific requirements.
3. The PLC controller has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag; the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons;
4. Auto Stop sensor if it is out of film
5. Eye Mark System, machine can cut complete logo
6. Optional code printer for 1-3 lines characters such as production and expiry date
7. Fine Packaging performance, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance Applicable packing film: Paper/PE, PT/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP/PE, Tea filter paper and other compound materials can be heat sealed.
Delivery: approx 8 weeks from receipt of 65% deposit.


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