Unused THBHM Dumpling Maker

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Unused THBHM Dumpling Maker. Forming: dual-control, two-way synchronization dosing principle, do not need another noodle production with just the dough with the filling into the specified Hopper can automatically produce dumplings. Filling volume, dough thickness adjustable at any time, thin filling full production speed, saving time and labor. Loose face and forming part of a special anti-bonding material Seiko manufacturing, small resistance, good shape, wear pressure, disassembly, easy to clean and durable. Suitable for Dumpling House, food manufacturers, hotels, hotels, restaurants, organizations, canteens, schools, troops, frozen dumplings production, capable of producing a variety of meat, meat dishes mixed stuffing, vegetable stuffing and other kinds of stuffing dumplings. Electrics: 220Volts. Overall Dimensions: 4'L x 2'W x 3'H. Delivery Time: Immediate.

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