New Automatic Gummy/Jelly Candy Depositing Line Model GD50Q


New Automatic Gummy/Jelly Candy Depositing Line Model GD50Q This line is advanced and continuous for making different sizes of gelatin-type soft candies. Ideal equipment which can produce good quality products & saving of both manpower and space requirements. Delivery Time: approx 8-10 weeks from receipt of 65% deposit.(balance prior to shipment from factory) Production capacity ( kg/h) 50-80 Rated depositing times(n/min) 25~55 Electric power needed 5kw/220Volts Refrigerator: MT120 / 15,000 kcal/h Compressed air consumption 0.20m /min Compressed air pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa Conditions needed for the drying system: 1. Room temperature(℃) 30-40 2. Humidity (%) 55 Length of the whole line (m) 5m Gross weight (Kgs) Approx. 1000 FLOW CHART: Sugar and carrageenan/ gelatin/ pectin dissolving→ depositing → cooling → de-moulding →following disposal→packing mixing→cooling→ transporting→ Item Name Specifications Unit Qty 1 Fixed jacket cookers 50 L set 2 2 Gear discharge pump set 1 3 Color and flavor static mixer Addable for more color set 1 4 Storage tank 100L set 1 5 Gummy/Jelly depositing unit 50-80kg/hour set 1 Depositing head set 1 Cooling tunnel set 1 moulds pcs 100 Electric cabinet set 1


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