New Automatic Capsule Weight Detection Machine Model CMC

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New Automatic Capsule Weight Detection Machine Model CMC-400 per/min for Size “00-0”(other models available 1200 per min and 2000 per min)
• Additional Change parts for Size “1-2” or “3-4” capsules are at an additional cost per set
Weighing Range: 10-2000mg. Electrics: 1Ph/60Hz/220Volts, Air Required.
Due to the various factors during production the filled capsules weight range may vary slightly. Some of them may be less or in rare occasions gone beyond the weight range or unqualified ones are considered to be “Risk capsules”。 How to deal with these risk capsules quickly is an urgent problem for the Production and Quality Dept., especially when their numbers are large.
CMC series could classify every capsule weight one by single with high precision. Capsules will be divided into qualified and unqualified section according to the standards set in advance and a report of data statistics will be printed out simultaneously. This machine weighs the risk capsules one by one, can handle large capacities, and separates the good and bad ones into different sections. Pharmaceutical plants can benefit from this to lower costs and improve the quality. Features: “unit extension structure” for future upgraded capacity. Because of this, CMC series can be connected to multiple capsule fillers and it will detect every capsule in production.


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