Used Diosna P25 High Shear Mixer Granulator. Designed for the intensive mixing and dispersing of material such as powder or granules; freeflowing materials including liquids can also be processed. Specifically designed for use in development departments or small production. • Batch capacity: Min. 8.0 kg - Max. 12.0 kg • Total capacity: 25.0 L. • Useful capacity: 2.5 L. • Equipped with: 1) Three blade impellor that rotates close to the base of the bowl, which being of a conical design, achieves an optimum mixing effect. Driven by a two speed motor 1.5/2.2 kW at 62 rpm/ 325 rpm 2 ) High-speed chopper mounted through the side of the chamber which ensures the formation of even granules. The chopper avoids agglomeration and – if the product is wetted, assists in the forming of even sized granules and fine distribution. Driven by a two speed motor 1.6/2.2 kW at 1,500 rpm /3,000 rpm • The bowl is fitted with a hinged lid which is opened for charging the bowl with products. Smaller quantities can be introduced through an opening in the lid during the mixing process. • The mixing time can be pre-set. • The finished product is discharged through a manually operated outlet – the mixer continues to run during discharge. • All contact parts are manufactured from Stainless Steel. • Mixing bowl and the outlet are constructed from stainless steel; the machine frame is painted. • The mixing assembly is mounted on a base which houses the main motor drive. • The operator controls for the mixing bowl and incorporate control switches for mixing speed I/II and chopper as well as a timer. • Electrical Installation: 3Ph/60Hz/220V/380Volts • Dimensions : 1550 x 700 x 1450mm • Delivery Time: Immediate.