New Model-1 Tabletop Wraparound Labeler with an Easyrun Control System. The Easyrun system automatically synchronizes the speed settings for the label applicator and wrap station. Features: LCD Display to show all automatic setting and related data, product output display, Stainless Steel frame and components, quick connect electrics, and mounting for date/lot coder. Includes a high response frequency encoder to ensure wrinkle-free labeling. Label Height: ½” – 7.5”.(with modification) Label Length: ½” – 17”, Bottle width ½” – 6”. Conveyor: 3 foot Long x 4" Wide with adjustable side guides and legs, a variable speed motor, and Stainless Steel panels and frame. Labeling Head: Aluminum Alloy frame, variable speed stepper motor, Anodized Aluminum rollers and tensioners, hand crank adjustable height control, in/out control with built-in angle adjustability, U-shaped photocell label sensor. Product Separator: one laterally adjustable rubber roller, and a variable speed motor (adjustable from control panel). Wrap Station: Stainless Steel structure, 4" wide, molded endless belt, Variable Speed Motor, Power: 110 vac. Delivery Time: approx 4 weeks. Video Link: