New TLA-1 Spot/Top Labeler with a 4" x 3' conveyor. Features: an Easyrun system which automatically synchronizes speed settings for the label applicator and wrap station, LCD Display to show all automatic setting and related data, product output display, Stainless Steel frame and components, quick connect electrics, and mounting for date/lot coder. Includes a high response frequency encoder to assure wrinkle-free labeling. Label Width: 1/2" - 4 3/4". Label Length: 1/2" - 10". Conveyor: Thermoplastic 4" x 3' conveyor with adjustable side guides and legs, a variable speed motor, and Stainless Steel panels and frame. Labeling Head: Aluminum Alloy frame, variable speed stepper motor, Anodized Aluminum rollers and tensioners, hand crank adjustable height control, in/out control with built-in angle adjustability, U-shaped photocell label sensor. Delivery Time: approx 4 weeks from receipt of 65% deposit.(balance prior to shipment) *Note: sample labels and containers may be required for testing. Child Proof Ziplock bags: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXAxPVwv4bI&feature=youtu.be Small carton Test video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dkr8u_ksHE&feature=youtu.be