New BJ-3 Disintegration tester. Unit is used for detecting disintegration of solid in prescriptive conditions. Features: National and Corporate Standards 1. There are eighteen tubes in three basket assemblies; 2. Each test station is driven independently, Auto stop at timing point 3. The bath liquid can achieve an even temperature. 4. A MPU is used to automatically control the temperature, time and frequency of nacelle back and forth ; 5. The preset and real time data can be displayed alternately in time. 6. Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm Specifications: 1. Basket assembly 3 2. Nacelle back and forth frequency (30-32)/min 3. Nacelle back and forth range (55±1) mm 4. Automatic time range (5-120) mm 5. Accuracy of controlling temperature (37±0.5) ℃ 6. Power 110V/60Hz/1Ph/600W 7. Dimension (540×300×420) mm 8.Weight 22KG Delivery Time: approx 3-4 weeks.