New 1000ML Table Top Pneumatic Twin Head Piston Filler Model SGF-B. Can fill from thin to viscous cream, lotion and sauces etc. Designed with a small sized footprint for easy of operation. Features: Stainless Steel Construction and components, simple no tools required for dismantling for fast cleaning, an operator switch, easy adjust fill volume control and no drip nozzles. Filling Speed: 20-60 Bottles per minute depending on size of piston and product being filled. Product Hopper: Approximately 5 Gallons. Other Piston Fill Ranges Available: 5ml - 50ml, 10ml - 120ml, 30ml - 300ml, 50ml - 500ml (Customer to specify range). Accuracy: +/- 1%. Air required to operate properly. Delivery Time: approx 3-4 Weeks.